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With the widest selection of professional gardener maintenance services, and all work carried out to the highest standard with a very friendly personalised gardening service, you can be assured you are in the right place!

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 My regular gardening maintenance service.

Regular garden services are designed for either weekly or fortunately visits. They can range from a couple of hours, for the smaller gardens, to either a half day for medium sized gardening, and even a full day for very large gardens to keep them looking their best throughout the season. 

  • Grass cutting and lawn mowing. 
    Regular maintenance of lawns cut to the perfect height for strong healthy growth for good resistance to heat and cold stress, and for better drought tolerance in the heat of the summer. overgrown tall grass cutting to reclaim that beautiful lawn area for when your lawn has got out of control for whatever the reason, get your grass looking great again!
  • Organic lawn feeding and fertilising.
    Lawns encouraged for healthy growth rate and lush green grass using organic natural products, builds healthy strong roots using natural bioactive soil conditioners attracting beneficial bacteria to maximise nutrient uptake leading to stress resistant healthy plants and a beautiful lawns.
  • Trimmed lawn edges and stripes.
    Nice defined stripes and neat lawn edges, Shaping and designed contouring around plant beds and shrubs or trees, Neat rounded edging and flowing contours define a great looking garden which is both eye catching and brings a garden to life.
  • Weeding and weed control.
    Eliminate those pesky unsightly weeds, from beds and borders, or from paths driveways and patios areas. Wherever the weeds are around or outside your property my weed control program has you covered making your property looking spectacular and weed free.
  • Instant weed clearance service
     For those times when you are faced with a very unsightly overgrown mass of tall or dense weeds, no matter how bad it has gotten these areas can be cleared in one visit! Using professional grade strimmer and brush cutters clear any weeds with ease, brambles, thistles, nettles you name it they be gone. Amazing transformative service that delivers the Wow factor every-time!
  • Regular trimming and pruning of shrubs.
    Pruning is done in both winter and summer both to shape and define the look of the beds and borders, or pruning for faster growth in a controlled predictable manner. Regular trimming encourages growth to bulk up and fill in holes and gaps, and to shape and define the look of the shrubs your are growing. also encourages more longer lasting flowering  for prolonged visual appeal!
  • Trimming of hedges.
    Regular hedge trimming keeps your hedges looking amazing neat and tidy, they often define the boundary of a garden, or perhaps are used for privacy screens, and even dividing up sections of large gardens. Keeping them looking there best requires regular trimming that encourages lots of lush healthy new growth. This growth can be trained to give more height or more width and density.
  • Organic fertilising of beds and borders.
    If you love plants and flowers that last longer, are more potent and fragrant, or just look so amazingly green and healthy all year long then the big secret is bioactivity. Natural bioactive products encourage and attract beneficial fungus and bacteria into the soil. This living soil’s life force breaks down consuming nutrients like the plant feed and make it soluble and available to the plants.

    In the world of micro biology the ones that are most establish are the most dominant, therefore beneficial organisms that flourish and multiply by being fed the proper natural foods prevent pests and diseases and always leads to easy growing and then attracts more pollinators, insects birds bees and butterflies into your garden.

  • Planting of bedding plants.
    Planting perennials that come back every year, or bedding plants you can chop and change the look and floral displays in your garden is all catered for. create amazing displays of colour and fragrance in beds, borders, planters and hanging baskets to enhance any area of your garden.
  • Planting of bulbs.
    Bulb planting is highly encouraged by myself, as they come back every year and multiply to give great early season displays, From small delicate flowers to huge dramatic amazing floral displays they can create an ongoing change of garden design. They are also very cost effective and a great investment. Used in beds, borders, containers, planters raised beds and even on grass areas too!
  • Dead heading flowers for more blooms.
    Dead heading is the process  of removing the dead flowers such as on a rose bush for example, it is needed to extend the flowering period of a lot of plants in the garden. You see when a plant flowers it is awaiting pollination , once completed the flower starts to die and wilt, loosing its petals as it now is using all the plants energy to grow seeds.

    When you Dead head or remove and cut off these dyeing flowers the plant must now grow more flowers to repeat the pollination process. So regular dead heading creates more flowers for a much longer period leading to much more enjoyment and prolonged beauty in your garden.

  • Cleaning of paths, patio, and driveways.
    When your garden paths, patio, or driveways are looking tired old and dirty with grime, mould spots, green algae or moss then all this can be cleaned in one visit. No jet-washing is required  at all, leaving the gaps in flagged and paved areas in tact. all bricked and stone areas become amazingly clean and bright in as little as one hour! 

    Then the following days, weeks and months the cleaned areas get even cleaner, lasting a very long time, the process kills off weeds, moss and algae at the same time the area is being cleaned. Applied with back pack sprayer the dirt and stains appear to evaporate before your eyes, restoring the area back to when it was first laid down.

    This is another of my Wow factor services, as it is often the first word used by my customers to describe their experience..

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Personalised local gardening service designed and tailored for your needs and budget, utilising a natural style of gardening care and garden maintenance. I use natural organic products and fertilisers that attract bioactivity in the soil leading to healthier plants and lawns.

Products that work with nature and are both child safe and pet friendly!
I am based in Hindley near Wigan and I maintain gardens small medium large and very large gardens, in Wigan and surrounding areas.  

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