High quality professional garden services and regular gardening maintenance.
Guaranteed great value, customer satisfaction and competitive prices, trusted reliable service.

Specialist in practical and attractive nature friendly garden spaces

Ready to go garden with cool drinks on the patio


Thank you for visiting my website,
I’m Roy, a traditional style natural gardener based in Hindley, near Wigan.
I offer a very comprehensive selection of individual garden services, and regular garden maintenance.

As an all round gardener, I provide all aspects of gardening work that is carried out to the highest of standards.
Being a passionate gardener with very happy customers, I always go above and beyond in my work ethic, which guarantees customer satisfaction every time!

If you are searching for an experienced trusted reliable gardener,
providing you with a personal unmatched and flexible service that very few other gardeners can equal,
you can be assured you are not only in good hands, but you 
will always get a great job done at a very competitive price!

Flexible Garden services include. 

  • One off jobs
  • Weekly Visits.
  • Fortnightly Visits.
  • Monthly Visits.
  • Half day availability.
  • Full day availability.
  • Specific individual gardener service.
  • Regular gardening maintenance service.

With me as your gardener you get a more extensive range of gardener services,
available to you than anywhere else.

  • Lawn mowing with neat trimmed edges and stripes.
  • Tall grass cutting.
  • Weeding and weed control.
  • Pruning of hedges, trees and shrubs.
  • Hedge trimming.
  • Hedge reductions.
  • General garden tidy ups.
  • Overgrown garden clearance.
  • Planting of perennials, bedding plants, and flower bulbs, trees and shrubs.
  • Patio cleaning and driveway cleaning.

Plus much more!

herbaceous perennials planter border full of colour attracting pollinators


Contact me now for a free quotation with no obligation!
To arrange a free visit, and inspection of your garden using one of the methods below.

Easy and friendly service, you will always be dealing with myself !
Absolutely no pressure, no hype, just honest sound advice and fair competitive prices…


A neat and tidy mid spring garden featuring full bloom tulips and daffodils green grass with trimmed edges and strips

The Benefits of hiring a gardener.
You won’t need any gardening tools, in fact you get the benefit of professional gardening tools to tackle any job in your garden without the added expense of maintaining tools and storage. 

For those not knowing anything at all about gardening, everything is taken care of for you. You will receive great easy to understand, friendly help and advice from myself, and together we can progressively create a beautiful garden to suit any budget and circumstances.

Available any time of year for one off jobs, or for regular garden maintenance work.
All work carried out to the highest of standards, at amazingly good value competitive prices!


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Flexible gardener and maintenance package with “no contract” deals available.
Whether you need a gardener for a one-off job, or you are looking for a more regular garden maintenance program then you won’t find a more friendly trustworthy professional local gardener that comes with customer satisfaction guaranteed as standard in Wigan and surrounding areas! 

Not sure if my gardener services cover your area? Why not get in touch with me and give me some details about the job and which area you are in, and i will do my best to accommodate you!

Gardener prices and schedules

  • Prices include hourly rates, or fixed price per job, that include both individual stand alone services, or regular garden maintenance.
  • One time, one off jobs from one hour or up to half day or full day visits available.
  • Regular garden maintenance Jobs from one to two hours, half day, or full day availability, on a weekly or fortnightly basis. 
  • Small, medium, large, and very large gardens all taken care of.
  • Clean, neat and tidy workmanship as standard.
  • Mindful and respectful of your property, privacy, security and possessions at all times! 

Nothing is to much trouble to get your garden looking great!


mid summer cottage garden style with lots of colourful tall trees patio furniture and lush green lawn

Exclusive professional gardener maintenance services.
Garden maintenance is the practice of hiring a gardener regularly to keep your garden looking neat and tidy allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful garden for relaxing, sunbathing, enjoying outside events such as parties,  Bar-b-ques, socialising with friends and family.

Quality alone time in  your own nature space or just fun loving playing with the pets and kids in the sunshine. Your garden will be ready to go when ever the opportunity arises to enjoy the great outdoors at home always looking its best and ready for you to enjoy any time you like!

There is no standard gardening maintenance service, it is often a broad term used that covers a range of individual gardener services, that is combined into what is typically a weekly or fortnightly regular visitation.

Gardening maintenance can be very minimalistic where some gardeners offer basic lawn mowing services only. This kind of grass cutting service is great if you have a very large lawn, and very large areas of grass that needs cutting regular throughout the growing season. This service is also good for those types of gardens where there is only lawn surrounded by fences and need regular lawn mowing to keep it looking good.

Some other gardener maintenance services may also include some lite weeding and weed killer service too.
Other garden maintenance may include all the above, and also include basic pruning of smaller trees, hedges or
overgrown shrubs.

Specialised gardeners like myself can offer a much more detailed and higher level of advanced skills and expertise, also including more specialised and powerful professional tools. These tools are more specific for each job like reaching the taller hedges trees and shrubs.

Chainsaw pruning for those thicker branches of problematic trees for example. Long reach hedge cutters combined with professional specialised step ladders used to prune and reshape larger trees, shrubs and hedges.

Heavy duty strimmer’s and brush cutters for effectively clearing tall overgrown and dense areas of weeds, tall grass, thistles, brambles and the like that are so powerful they cut through with the greatest of ease and speed.

All these tools need to be regularly maintained for optimum performance, with regular sharpening of the blades to give you the customer a fast and efficient end result with a professional finish and detail that gives you a very high quality and standard of workmanship. 

This is also very important for the lawn, plants, trees and shrubs that they receive a clean sharp cut to minimise rot and disease caused by blunt tools. Sharp pruners, hedge trimmers and loppers create healthy new growth of hedges trees and shrubs that keeps the garden looking lush neat and tidy all year long.   

These more detailed and specific services will include

  1. More refined lawn mowing  with nice and neat trimmed edges and stipes.
  2. Regular hedge trimming services, that keep the hedge looking great all year round.
  3. Regular pruning, to encourage more longer lasting flowers, healthy growth, and natural shaping of trees and shrubs.
  4. Advanced weeding and weed control both in the garden and also around the property, paths patios and driveways.
  5. Regular lawn care services, can include lawn repairs, lawn feeding, moss control allowing you to enjoy a lush green lawn throughout the growing season.
  6. Strimming unsightly tall grass and tall thicker problematic weeds such as thistles, brambles, nettles etc.
  7. General finish and tidy up including leaf blowing, clearing debris, fallen twigs and tree branches etc or when the garden is looking a bit overgrown and unsightly.
  8. Plus much more and many other gardening tasks available as standard.
  9. Whatever state your garden is in, it can be brought back to its former beauty in no time at all.
  10. If your garden looks great already, we can keep it looking that way all year round to enjoy whenever you like.
By using Roy’s garden maintenance you have access to all the above services plus many more!
Whatever needs to be done will be taken care of and nothing is too much trouble for your guaranteed satisfaction.
Plus you will get an amazing unmatched, unrivalled and unequalled reliable professional service at a fair, and highly competitive price!

I love giving my customers great value !
So using my services you get the benefit from the use of professional tools, that are always sharp and well maintained.
Plus the unique combination of the full range of individual services that i can provide for you.

So whatever your garden needs, it will be taken care of by myself, keeping your garden looking great and ready to enjoy whenever you like. 

  • Reliable regular gardening service.
  • Clean neat and tidy workmanship.
  • Attention to detail and highly focused.
  • Respectful of your property and privacy.
  • Domestic and commercial property undertaken.
  • Whatever the garden needs, it will be done.
  • Pet safe and child friendly products used.
  • Natural gardening style and practises.
  • Great job done at a fair price.
  • As my customers say it best,
    Thanks Roy, “you can always tell when you’ve been. My garden looks fantastic as always

 Call or get in touch with me today to get the ball rolling, and join the happy family of delighted and satisfied customers! 

 It is a great feeling when you instinctively know you’ve made the right choice.

Call, Text or email me now, you will be glad you did!

freshly cut lawn mowing with stripes, a summer garden ready to go and enjoy anytime you like

Quality local gardening services and gardening maintenance with a natural style,
and the benefits of using
child safe, and pet friendly biodegradable organic products.

I offer all my clients one of the widest selection of top quality gardening services available, combined with child safe, and pet friendly natural products. Using these natural products puts the life back into your garden, attracting beneficial bacteria, fungus, worms and insects back into the soil.

These beneficial organisms break down organic matter and create soluble nutrients that the plants can take up, feed on and easily absorb. 

This then attracts beneficial insects like ladybirds that protect plants from other unwanted pests, this then attracts butterflies and bees that pollinate the healthy vigorous  plants.

All this activity will then attract all types of birds that feed on the living abundance of worms and insects, will make nests, then lay eggs, and rear young birds that feel safe in the dense healthy leaves and branches in the trees, bushes and hedges.

All this bringing more life and enjoyment into a vibrant, healthy, and balanced, living natural style garden for you and nature to enjoy.


In the garden these bioactive organic products produce fertile soil, lush green grass and healthy roots, fast growing strong healthy plants, vibrant colourful flowers with stronger scents and fragrances.


Organic home grown herbs, fruits and vegetables.
If you like to grow your own food you will get larger nutrient rich fruit and vegetables that simply tastes amazing!
because they are organic they are naturally easier to grow, are stronger healthier plants, that are very high in essential minerals, amino acids, and nutrients that our bodies can readily absorb and use, they are also full of natural living life energy.

Which is one of natures secrets to good health, vitality and longevity!
Organic products produce next level tastier herbs, fruits and vegetables with bigger yields.
They are naturally more nutritious and healthier and are much less likely to suffer pests and disease.
These home grown organically grown foods are much better than you can possibly find in the shops, and contain the full spectrum of concentrated nutrition for your health, longevity, wellbeing and vitality.

organically grown vegetables in raised sleeper beds

You can be assured that you will have to go a long way to find a like for like service giving you such variety combined with such consistent great results!

Professional gardening services for all types of clients

Personal garden maintenance for any type of garden.
For large medium and smaller gardens that maybe overgrown or neglected, to established gardens that need regular maintenance to keep the garden looking its best all year around, I have extensive and flexible gardener maintenance services available.

For knowledgeable and keen gardeners 
Use my services and professional gardening tools to do all the hard work for them, advising me on what they require, and me giving them exactly what they want, to keep the garden looking great.

For the Elderly who cannot manage to do the heavier tasks in the garden.
No problem, I can help with whatever your needs, I work for many such individuals who love gardening but cannot do the harder work whatever the reason.

Just give me a call I can take care of all the harder tasks, leaving you to get on with what you can do and still enjoy the garden and the gardening you can manage.

I can take care of the heavier tasks and take away all the frustration and the stress.

Make your life a lot easier in the garden so that you can enjoy and relax in the garden after all the hard work is done for you. 

For the inexperienced and for those who know nothing at all about gardening
Use my local gardening services and allow me to progressively create a beautiful garden for them, offering them advice on planting bulbs, and herbaceous perennial plants that come back every year.

Or for a faster more instant alternative are bedding plants, great for instant effect, in borders, raised beds and hanging baskets.

You can simply leave everything to me to get your garden looking great by planting trees and evergreen shrubs if they are needed. 

I have such clients who really appreciate my knowledge, skills and expertise by doing it all for them, and at the same time creating a beautiful garden space that they can really enjoy the sunny outdoors anytime they like, from the comfort of their own home.  

Wide range of top quality maintenance services !

large Summer garden featuring rose garden with dense green shrubbery lining the borders
featuring a full summer sunny lawn mowing job with neat trimmed edges
Spring nature garden bursting with colour and fragrances attracting butterflies, birds and bees
Patio table and chairs on nice cut lawn, surrounded by tall shrubs and trees with birds singing


To see a full range of gardens that I maintain click on the video below,
put the kettle on and sit back to watch a short video slide show of my work.
all pictures and photos are all originals and taken by myself…  

luxury private garden with cobbled stone paths and traditional stone patio leading onto large green lawn and establish old tall trees
large garden in standish Wigan with beautiful view of Rivington pike