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Traditional natural style gardening.

Right from the young age of 15 years i was already actively engaged in; and spending a lot of time in nature. Regularly going missing for long hours and sometimes days leaving my parents wondering where i was and what I was doing.

Camping out for days with my mates was common, either in farmers fields or even in the back garden was regular for me. Not much has changed really in that regard, now i still camp out for days fishing on rivers and peaceful picturesque  secluded lakes..

In my youth I would be out of the house early morning around 4am to go fishing, searching for birds nests, swimming in local lakes on hot summer days. Exploring woodlands and streams and building rock and wood dams, and even sailing down the streams in a tin bath, oh the good old days! 

In the local Woods was like a small Forrest; I would be climbing trees and collecting conkers to find the best ones and win the school unofficial conker championship.

Not forgetting a lot of time with mates making swings and even an aerial runway, made up of wire between two trees over a valley, a pully and a stick for handlebar. We would freewheel down to the lower tree and drop off before hitting the tree trunk, thinking back now, it is a wonder I am still alive, but enjoy some great memories. 

Wild pets and domesticated pets.
As well as the traditional budgies, dogs, and the like I learned to  hand rear from my hatched eggs that was lying around my home made bird aviary at the bottom of our garden, I had a pet quale that followed me everywhere, I had many tortoises too. 

Then I also had many wild pets such as rescued birds like magpies, owls, ducks etc, and others like wild hedgehogs that then led me onto breeding and keeping.

  • Prize winning bird breading in garden aviary.
  • Bantam hens breeding with fresh eggs eaten every day.
  • Ornamental tree Duck breeding in home made pond and custom made boxes.
  • locally caught fish keeping in garden  pond.
  • Egg hatching and chick rearing in home made incubator. 
  • Plant, seed and flower cultivation and growing, all while still at school at only 15 years old.

Born into a family of keen gardeners I have always been surrounded by a lot of house plants and busy parents always tending the garden. We had a home made garden pond with four colourful breading tree ducks, two Aylesbury ducks like small geese. We had a home made bird aviary with champion winning breading pairs of Zebra finches. all of which I managed to get to breed them and rear and feed the chicks. 

Carolina Tree DuckAylesbury duckZebra Finch

          Tree or Wood Duck   :               Aylesbury duck                :                    Zebra Finch

Home made bird aviary, free range chickens, duck’s, Quails and a fish pond.
I made the bird aviary, bred the birds, we had four bantam hens with a cockerel that crowed first light every morning, and fresh eggs every day. I made the hen coop, bred the ducks too, and made an incubator for hatching quale eggs that were just lying around on the floor of the aviary and successfully hatched ducks and quails and watched them hatch out the eggs all while still at school!

Wyandotte Cockerel common quailquail egg nest

 Happy memories of the chickens that like the ducks roamed freely around the garden. Trying unsuccessfully to breed the ornamental tree ducks, I hit the library and discovered they needed nest boxes on stilts above the ground, with a ladder type run for the ducks to enter the nest box.

I read they are poor parents often disowning the ducklings, or would not sit on the eggs. so the ducks bred and laid eggs then the eggs were removed and put under the hens who hatched the ducks eggs successfully.

The cockerel flew up onto a wooden rustic arch every morning at first light, and crowed waking us all up, not popular with the neighbour’s though, but this was how I spent my days as a young lad.


Family Business of Florist shops and flower market stalls.
My sister had her own shop  as a florist in Hindley near Wigan called Four Seasons Florists, next to Hindley Library. My brother also had another florist shop in Manchester and a few market stalls as well. Mother and father also worked in these shops and mother was still helping out in the flower shop in her nineties…

Hanging Basketstrailing basketspatio garden

During the busy days like valentines day, weddings and funerals all the family pitched in and we worked well into late night eating local pizza and flower arranging until all the orders were done. 

I was always around gardening, growing from seeds and cuttings, that often came from the Southport flower shows so that my parents got a hold of the best stock and genetics, that in those days you could not acquire from any other source. My father had built in his shed a large seed propagator the full length of the shed, with sliding glass panels on the top, with heated cable under the soil to keep the seeds and cuttings warm with good humidity, all home made as well!


So I learned from great direct experience about the best methods for rooting cuttings and sowing and propagating seeds successfully from a very early age. I later on developed a passion for camping and fishing, my other brother was a scout leader, although i did not join the scouts i did go on the camping holidays with them.

I experienced scary midnight walks on hills and mountains of Scotland and the lake district, swimming chasing trout with goggles and snorkels I loved it. My father got into growing mushrooms, something I took to very well, I have grown lots of mushrooms and am introducing this to my daughter Chloe.

I have enjoyed foraging and eating wild mushrooms then cooking them while camping which is a rare delight on a warm sunny morning as the sun rises with some bacon and eggs next to a lake full of ducks and wildlife. So that is my early background on creating with nature, and my introduction to growing and gardening, even before leaving school!  

Now I offer all these skills and more as a unique gardening maintenance service
in Wigan, Manchester, Bolton and surrounding areas.

Personal garden services.
All my garden services are designed and incorporate a more natural nature friendly style of gardening utilising
my unique and intimate knowledge of nature and its organic living eco systems.

By using natural bioactive beneficial feeds and fertilisers, to child safe and pet friendly products you can be assured to create the perfect growing environment that attracts all kinds of natures pollinators such as hedgehogs, birds, butterflies, bees and insects that creates a beautiful natural garden that is full of life and good energy for you to enjoy.       

  • Unique gardener services tailored to suit your needs and your budget. 
  • Available garden maintenance work for weekly, fortnightly, or one off jobs.
  • Individual or combined gardening services available.
  • Reliable friendly gardener you can trust.
  • Flexible prices including hourly rates or priced per job.
  • Free no obligation quotes with onsite visits.
  • All work carried out to the highest standard with focussed attention to detail.
  • Passionate knowledgeable and hard working.
  • From first contact to every visit you deal with myself personally.

Nature friendly Gardening with amazing results.
It is all about the soil !
The big secret to successful gardening and growing healthy strong plants, with long lasting blooms
is the down to the type of soil, the available nutrients the plants can absorb,
and the environmental conditions you create for them.

Regarding nutrition and feeds and fertilisers, there exists a lot of misinformation
that most gardeners believe in and practice. Initially achieving great fast results,
but eventually create a toxic environment leading to pests, disease.
Inevitably lifeless soil is the results of these chemical based products
that plants struggle to grow in, and will always manifests its self as another problem 
and leaves you wondering what you are doing wrong when you are following the typical given advice.

The solution to all your problems is go back to nature, and organic gardening practices.
But first your garden may need some help eliminating to built up toxins by bringing life back to the soil and the garden.

Using my gardening bioactive restoration services and part of regular garden maintenance, you receive the benefits of my personal knowledge and advice, and how to create the perfect living environment for easy amazing results every time.  

  • Living bio-active soil fertilisation and conditioning.
  • Remineralisation of nutrient deficient toxic soils. 
  • Custom created organic compost soil and sand mixes for perfect growing.   
  • Introduction of Beneficial bacteria, beneficial fungus and volcanic rock dust.
  • Compost natural teas full of living beneficial bacteria to kickstart toxic soils.
  • Planting for natural fragrance, vivid long lasting blooms and attracting pollinators.   
  • Natural pruning for faster growth and shaping shrubs and trees.


Flexible unique natural style gardening maintenance services.

  • Regular gardener Maintenance in Wigan and surrounding areas.
  • Lawn mowing and grass cutting with defined stripes. 
  • Nice neat trimmed lawn edges.
  • Lawn contouring around trees shrubs and plants.
  • Lawn reshaping and custom lawn features.
  • Hedge trimming and hedge reductions.
  • Natural style pruning 
  • Professional stone cleaning of drives, paths, walls, and patios.
  • Tree trimming and hedge cutting service.
  • Garden clearance tall grass and dense overgrown weeds, brambles etc. 
  • Weeding and weed control.

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