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Contact me now to book a free garden inspection and a no obligation quotation. 

Here are some popular reasons that new customers contact me to get a quote, book them in,
or just to acquire more information about myself and my services.

  • A one off job.
    Is a one time visitation only, that is often used to restore unsightly and untidy gardens,
    or for an over grown garden clearance, or a general garden tidy up.

    Every so often you may need a more specific or select single service, such as lawn mowing,
    weed and moss control, hedge trimming, hedge cutting reductions, or tree pruning.

    After the one off garden service is completed, then you can take care of and maintain the garden yourself.

  • Individual or combined choice of specific gardening services.
    These are used when you have a specific job you want done in the garden which can be lawn mowing,
    strimming and reducing overgrown lawns or perhaps tall grass cutting.

    You can take advantage of any one specific skill, or set of skills a gardener has available,
    such as clearing overgrown stubborn weeds like tall thistles, brambles and other dense weeds.
    You can also mix services like grass cutting and weeding, for example.

    Perhaps you want to reduce overgrown shrubs or trees that is unsightly or obstructing your view.
    Maybe you want to use a garden cleaning service such as patio cleaning and driveway cleaning?

    By using a combination of chemical cleaners and  jet washing,
    effectively clearing away all moss, algae, mould and weeds, and restores all stone to its original natural beauty. 

    Whatever the gardening task that you are looking for, you can utilise the skills from a  professional gardener, and make use of professional sharp tools designed for the job.

    An individual service is perfect so as to get the job done as fast and efficiently as possible. 

    Be sure to check out my full list of individual gardener services here

  • Regular garden maintenance.
    Is used when you need frequent gardener visits and enjoying the benefits of multiple combined gardening services.

    These are like a combined range of individual services in one full package that are offered by a professional gardener to regularly maintain your garden, and keeping it looking nice and tidy always ready for you to enjoy.

    Gardening maintenance is usually based on regular weekly, or fortnightly visits. My regular gardening maintenance services are based on one and two hours, half day, and full day availability.  

    I can arrange limited less frequent visits like monthly maintenance for example, enquire for more details.

  • Buying or selling Property.
    Add more value or speed up the sale of your property with a nice garden tidy up, and weed free grounds surrounding the house.

    Great fast results on full overgrown garden clearances, or book in a simple general garden tidy up,
    to create the perfect first impressions for potential buyers.

    Have you just purchased a new home and inherited an unsightly overgrown garden
    that looks more like a jungle?

    Not to worry, this can all be restored in no time at all, back to its former glory.

    If its gone too far then that is not a problem either, as all the overgrown grass, shrubs and weeds can be cut and cleared away to create a fresh start.

  • Commercial gardening Work also undertaken.
    I take care of and maintain quite a few pubs and restaurants with outdoor garden facilities.

    These types of maintenance usually consists of:

    • Mowing the lawns.
    • Clearing and tidying up the paths and car parks.
    • Weeding beds and borders, around paths and kerbs and all around the property. 
    • Installing and creating hanging baskets.
    • Construction and maintaining raised flower beds and planters etc.
    • Planting of bulbs, plants shrubs etc.

I also work for some estate agents to help them sell the properties  much faster
than when the garden and grounds have been neglected, are very unsightly,
full of weeds, overgrown, or untidy.

It is a simple fact that a nice neat, clean and tidy garden and grounds,
leads to a positive first impression from the viewers and potential buyers on first approaching the property.

Even before they take a look inside the property, a tidy garden not only presells desirability, but at the same time it also reinforces the idea, that they are buying from clean and tidy people who cared for their home.

Furthermore, if it comes down to a choice between two potential similar properties,
but one has obviously been neglected and in need of repairs.

Or one that is clean, neat and tidy that they can move into right away with no hassles, or any other kind of work to be done, which one do you think they will choose?

It is for these reasons that estate agents either pass on my name to the current owner or book my services for themselves to secure and speed up the selling process for a faster turnaround.

  • I can deal with your client directly as a one off single visit.
  • I can offer my services to the agency also as a one off single visit.
  • If your selling I can clear or tidy up the garden and grounds for viewers.
  • If you already purchased, I can clear, tidy up as a one off service.
  • Regular garden maintenance available of the garden and grounds. 

To get the ball rolling, contact me now using any of the methods listed below !

Use the mobile phone number to call or text message me. You can also use it to message me on WhatsApp, which you can use to send photos of your garden, or message me more details about the job, or to book a viewing.

Sometimes I am working in remote areas with a bad mobile signal, or I am busy working on a garden using petrol tools and other noisy equipment. 

If when you call, and you cannot get through to me, or you do not get an answer right away, then please try again later in the day or in the evening when I get home.

Try sending a text message, then when I am in a good mobile friendly area I will get back to you as soon as possible.

When Using the contact form above.
It will send me a secure email message so that you can let me know your requirements. Or you can just use it to enquire for more information about any of the garden services that you are interested in.

Simply enter your name, email address, optional phone number, and send me a message, then hit send.
I will then email, text or call you back regarding your enquiry as soon as possible.

I offer a personalised gardener service, which  means that with all forms of contact and communication, you can be assured that you will be dealing with myself personally!

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Why not get in touch now for a free no obligation quotation!

What happens when i receive your call or enquiry?
The first thing i will need is a few details about what type of gardening work or service you are looking for.

Next I will need to know which area you are in to make sure I cover that area.
I will need your full address, this includes the street name, door number and postcode.

If you are unsure if I cover your area or not, just get in touch and see if we can arrange something, i am very flexible. 

To obtain an accurate free no obligation quotation
I will normally arrange a convenient time and book a free inspection of the garden. 
I will come to take a look at the garden, and discuss with you all your needs and requirements in person.

Its a very informal and friendly experience for you so that I can accurately asses and estimate how long the job will take, and how much it will cost. 

There is absolutely no pressure, and you do not need to agree or commit on the spot!
So if you need more time to think it over, or perhaps look for other quotes then that’s ok, and encouraged.

However with nearly all the visitations I attend, the customer is always delighted with the price. Plus they really appreciate my friendly nature, gardening skills, expert easy to understand advice, experience and gardening knowledge!

Once new customers meet with me, and they know what to expect, what work is being done, and what great value they will get for their money, they are always keen for me to make a start as soon as possible.

You will receive a very high standard of work, combined with a great value competitive price, and a great job well done, and everybody is happy.

If on the visitation and inspection you love the price, and know what to expect,
very often I can start the job right away while I am there.

Failing that I can offer you a high priority slot booking, and get you in as soon as possible…

Please Note !
For the fastest response to your enquiry

Send me a text message, or message me on WhatsApp.
As a busy one man gardener, I check my calls and messages in-between jobs during the working day.

If I am unavailable when you call, Please send a text and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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