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Specialised Garden Services – Designed To Tackle All Your Gardening Needs!

Select the perfect solution and watch your garden flourish and prosper.

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Expert Select Gardening Services

Our individual and combined selectable garden services blend artistry with a deep understanding of plants and garden ecosystems, we go beyond the basics, offering a depth of gardening expertise to meticulously care for your outdoor space.  offering a depth of gardening expertise to meticulously care for your outdoor space. 

Tailored Garden Solutions

Our services target your specific needs. Whether you require a one-off solution or a combination of services, we provide the knowledge and attention to detail that transforms your garden into a source of pride and enjoyment.

Whether you need precision hedge shaping, tree pruning for health and aesthetics, shrub pruning for plant health and form, effective weed control for a pristine Wigan garden, a revitalised lawn with neatly trimmed edges, or vibrant planting designs to add colour and life – we have the specialised skills to exceed your expectations.

Bespoke Maintenance Plans

Our services are designed to target your specific garden needs. From one-off solutions to a combination of select services, we provide the knowledge and attention to detail that transforms your garden into a source of pride and enjoyment.

Be sure to check out my bespoke tailored garden maintenance plans, where you have seasonal access to all individual services as they are needed keeping your garden looking its best, neat and tidy throughout the year or the growing season.


Expert Lawn Care Services:

  • Get the perfect lawn for your space. Choose from manicured or classic cuts to lush, natural styles. Enjoy a healthy, beautiful lawn.
  • Precision edging, shaping, and contouring define borders and pathways in your Wigan garden, enhancing its overall beauty.
  • Transform your overgrown lawn into a beautiful space. We have the right tools and expertise to handle even tall grass and tough lawn transformations.

Lawn Seeding for Lush Results

  • Create a thicker, healthier lawn.
  • Customised seed blends designed for your specific needs, whether full sun or shade.
  • Got high-traffic areas? We offer hard-wearing, fast-growth and repair options for kids and pet play areas.
  • Over-seeding revitalises tired, bare lawns for a lush, healthy Wigan lawn throughout the season.
  • Revive Shaded Lawns: Transform patchy, thin lawns into lush, healthy spaces with shade-tolerant seed blends.

 Expert Lawn Fertilisation:

  • A healthy, well-fertilized lawn boasts stronger root systems for a thicker, greener lawn. It boasts increased resistance to pests and diseases, and a beautiful lush look.
  • Choose organic solutions utilising natural nutrients, supporting the long-term health of your lawn and soil.
  • Our tailored fertilisation schedule targets your lawn’s seasonal feeding needs. This promotes peak lawn health all year in Wigan.
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Your Garden, Your Way:

We offer a wide range of specialised services to perfectly match your needs. Choose from our services individually to tackle specific problems – such as overgrown areas, weeds, or dull planting – or combine services to create a personalised plan for a full garden makeover. Explore the options below and discover how we can help resolve your garden challenges and bring your outdoor space to life.

Flexible garden services plans and solutions:

Book any of our garden services as a one-off job, perfect for tackling immediate garden needs.
For larger projects, we can create a multi-stage plan, allowing you to spread the work and budget over time. This ensures a smooth and efficient completion of your project while keeping your garden looking its best throughout the process.

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Transform Your Garden with My Specialised Services


Overgrown Areas Tamed

Is your garden feeling a bit wild? I can help you reclaim its beauty! Whether it’s neglected flowerbeds, out-of-control hedges, or simply areas that need some love, I have the expertise and equipment to transform your space. I’ll carefully remove unwanted plants, weeds, and accumulated debris, expertly trim and shape overgrown hedges, define borders and pathways with clean lines and crisp edges, and mow overgrown lawns back to a healthy length (if desired). My priority is minimizing disruption and leaving your garden looking its best. The end result? A neat, manageable outdoor space ready for you to enjoy.

Weed-Free Walkways

Tired of unsightly weeds ruining your paths and patios? I offer both organic and traditional weed control solutions to keep your garden looking pristine. I’ll carefully target problem areas and prioritize methods that protect your surrounding plants. Enjoy a beautiful, weed-free garden with less maintenance hassle.

Expert Hedge Shaping

Keep your hedges neat and enhance your property’s appearance with my expert shaping services. I offer precision trimming, shaping, and reductions to promote healthy growth and maintain the ideal size for your space. Whether you want a formal hedge or a more natural shape, I can create the look you desire.

Revitalise Your Garden with Plant Relocation

Are some of your plants struggling in their current locations? I can expertly relocate existing plants, shrubs, and small trees within your garden to optimise their growth and beauty. My careful consideration of soil conditions, sunlight, and plant preferences ensures a successful transplant, resulting in a thriving, flourishing garden.

Create Your Dream Garden

Ready to transform your garden? I’ll design a planting scheme tailored to your preferences, garden conditions, and the overall look you desire. From colourful perennial beds to low-maintenance shrubs, I’ll source the perfect plants and create a stunning garden that thrives in your space.

Restore Order with Leaf Blowing & Tidy-Ups

Get your garden looking its best with my efficient leaf blowing and general tidy-up services. I’ll thoroughly remove leaves and debris from lawns, paths, and borders, leaving your space neat and inviting. Enjoy a well-maintained garden without the hassle.

Healthy Soil, Thriving Plants

Give your garden a boost with my soil amendment and organic fertilisation services. I’ll analyse your soil composition, identify deficiencies, and apply natural fertilisers and amendments to promote optimal growth and healthy, vibrant plants.

Benefits: Strong, flourishing plants, improved soil quality, healthier garden overall.

Revitalise Your Outdoor Surfaces

Restore the beauty of your driveways, patios, and paths with my powerful jet washing services. I’ll remove dirt, grime, and stains, preserving natural textures and finishes while leaving your surfaces looking like new.

Say Goodbye to Algae, Moss & Lichen

Gently remove unsightly algae, moss, and lichen with my eco-friendly removal solutions. I’ll restore the original condition of your surfaces while protecting the health and beauty of your garden.

Benefits: Eliminates unsightly growth, protects surfaces, improves garden appearance.

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Ready to find out more?

Let’s take the next step! Get in touch for a free garden visit and quote. I’ll give you a clear breakdown of the costs and answer any questions you have.

No pressure to decide on the spot! You might be happy with the price and eager to get started. If you’re ready to get started, I might even be able to start the work right away (depending on my schedule).

Text, call, or email – it’s that simple! I’ll get back to you quickly, and we can start creating your dream garden.

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