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Professional gardening maintenance services.
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summer patio garden with lawn and tall trees

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Flexible range of professional gardening services
and gardener maintenance services in wigan and surrounding areas

Note: All pictures below are taken by myself from actual customers gardens I maintain!

Regular Gardener Maintenance Service.
Garden maintenance is available on Weekly, fortnightly, or one off visits.
Prices available are hourly rate or fixed price per job.

Individual and combined garden services.
The following gardening services are available as individual and or combined services that are carried out to the highest standards, paying close attention to detail, and going above and beyond to make your garden look amazing.

Gardener services tailored to suit your needs and your budget!
All year round gardener services available, from a couple of hours, half day and full day all available.
Give me a call or text for a free no obligation quotation, free evaluation, inspections, and visitations
all available at your convenience!

large patio with garden furniture with view of large mowed lawn and surrounding shrubbery

Typical gardening maintenance services include.

  • Lawn mowing with trimmed edges.
  • Strimming tall weeds and cut grass.
  • Lawn shaping, contouring and curving
    around plants, trees or shrubs.
  • Weeding and weed prevention.
  • Pruning of trees, fruit trees and shrubs for shaping, extra yield, and healthy growth.
  • Hedge trimming and hedge reduction
    of all types of hedges.
  • Leaf blowing, and garden debris to maintain
    a neat and tidy garden.
  • garden tidy ups for those occasions when you need everything trimming up into shape to make the garden look great again, either as a one off job or garden maintenance.

Lawn mowing and grass cutting service.
Featuring beautiful neat lawn with fresh cut grass and stripes lush green colour and neat trimmed edgesProfessional lawn mowing with stripes and neat and tidy trimmed edges, lawn reshaping and contouring around plants shrubs and trees.

  • Overgrown grass cutting.
  • Nice and neat lawn stripes.
  • Neat and tidy trimmed edges.
  • Lawn contouring and shaping. 
  • Lawn care services, organic child safe
    and pet friendly fertilisers used.

Hedge Trimming and hedge reduction
Tall hedge trimming with long reach hedge cutters and henchman gardeners ladders to trim the tops of the hedgeAll types of Hedge Trimming and Hedge reductions carried out, Achieve a professional finish using professional tools made for the job.

  • Hedge trimming of tall, medium and small hedges.
  • Hedge reductions for tall or overgrown hedges.
  • Hedge trimming and pruning new or young hedges
    encouraging faster growth.
  • Pruning for health and controlling diseases.
  • Pruning and thinning out for more light in the garden.
  • Planting all types of new hedges, for screening or small attractive features and contouring.
  • Pruning of specialist pleached trees. 

Weeding and Weed Control.weeding and weed control image shows before and after heavy weeding leaving neat and tidy weed free border

Removing unwanted and unsightly weeds not matter how far gone, we can get all your premises and garden looking nice and tidy and weed free.

  • Removal of weeds from beds and borders
  • Remove weeds from drives, paths and patios.
  • Weed control and weed prevention .
  • Strimming down to base level and cutting tall
    dense overgrown weeds or tall grass for fresh start.
  • Brush cutting of brambles nettles and thistles etc.
  • Weeding raised organic vegetable beds. 

Planting herbaceous perennials and bedding plants.

New garden border with new top soil and compost featuring and range of herbaceous perennials

Planting of new borders, existing beds, raised beds and planters with perennials that comes back every year to annual bedding plants or ever green shrubs.  
Makes your garden come alive with vibrant colours, fragrance for year long interest.

  • Planting plug plants to established potted plants.
  • Planting bare rooted plants, roses and shrubs.
  • Planting of herbaceous perennials.
  • Planting of Annual bedding plants.
  • Planting in pots, hanging baskets, planters etc.
  • Planting of shrubs.
  • Planting new Hedges.

Spring Bulb Planting Service.

featuring a new created border planting mixed spring bulbs which will be the fist plants to show in the spring, daffodils, tulips and snowdrops Bulb planting service for spring summer and autumn,
create a floral garden display and seasonal interest in beds borders,
raised beds pots and planters.

  • Planting of spring summer and autumn burbs.
  • Great for beds and borders, planters and lawn features.
  • Ideal for raised beds pots and container growing.
  • Cost effective investment comes back ever year.
  • First sign that spring is here in your garden.
  • Stunning displays  daffodils, tulips and much more
    for early and late seasonal interest.

Overgrown Garden Clearance.Image shows a heavy weed infested overgrown garden, specialising in tall grass cutting and brambles, nettles and thistles the garden will look ship shape and neat and tidy in no time at all.

Clearing all types of overgrown garden, stimming and brush cutting serve,
removing and clearing brambles, thistles, long grass and tall weeds.

  • Dramatic wow factor change in one visit.
  • Restore overgrown garden to former glory.
  • Great for fresh start garden.
  •  Save plants and shrubs, eliminate weeds
  • Cut back overgrown or obstructive trees and shrubs.

Pruning trees and shrubs service.featuring a regular garden maintenance job, reshaping and pruning four tall overgrown conifers, all now nicely shaped into christens tree shapes

From pruning of fruit trees for extra yield,
or pruning hedges and shrubs for faster growth we got you covered!

  • Fruit tree pruning.
  • Pruning for faster growth.
  • Natural shape pruning.
  • pruning large overgrown shrubs.
  • Pruning for more light and energy.
  • Pruning hedges.
  • Absolutely no scalping natural style pruning.  

Leaf Blowing and Garden Tidy.Autumn into winter scene where a very large tree lined garden has covered the area in lots of golden and brown leaves, clearing the leaves into a large pile with leaf blower ready to be recycled

Removing fallen leaves from garden, lawns and premises.
leaves left on lawn areas create many problems and need removing.
Keep your garden nice and tidy at all times of the year.  

  • Leaf Blowing and garden tidy.
  • Remove leaves and other garden debris.
  • Clear paths,  patios, drives and garden.
  • Clear fallen trees and garden storm damage.
  • Recycle organic leaves and debris for composting.
  • Keep your garden neat and tidy all year round.

Custom Made Raised Beds Sleepers.featuring a large custom made raised sleeper bed, together with new quality screened top soil, organic compost, and worm castings ready to grow organic vegetables Raised beds made from sleepers or decking board for organic vegetables, elevated flower and shrub displays. 

  • Create more height width and depth for any feature.
  • Ideal for lawns, flags, concreated and stoned areas.
  • Ideally placed for full sun or partial shade locations.
  • Used to overcome poor soil to give perfect growing conditions.
  • Raised to any height so no need for bending down,
    or gardening on your knees. 
  • Can be covered and protected from winter frosts,
    and get an early growing start in spring.
  • Great for organic growing of food and vegetables.
  • Create the best growing conditions for any
    type of plants fruit and veg.

Patio Cleaning and Stone Cleaning Services.Here is the finished results of our patio cleaning service, was very dirty and covered in moss and green algae, now beautifully clean and like brand new

Cleaning all stone surfaces such as drives, paths and any type of stone.
gravelled areas natural stone walls all cleaned like brand new, no pressure washing required which keeps the cracks in tact and weed free.

  • Driveway, Paths and Patio Cleaning.
  • No jet washing pressure washing required.
  • Cleans stone walls, rockery, statues fountains etc.
  • Removes Algae, Moss, Weeds, and lichen mould too.
  • Restores and cleans gravel areas.
  • Instant results, and is actively cleaning for longer.
  • No damage or lifting of the joints. 


Personal gardening maintenance service defined.
In a nutshell garden maintenance is a broad term used to describe a range of gardening tasks put together to keep and maintain a clean and tidy garden throughout the gardening season

gardener maintenance is used when an existing garden needs to be kept looking its best, usually done on gardens that already have all the work done such as planting herbaceous perennials, bulbs, shrubs trees and usually includes a lawn.

Just like hair dressing or pet hair cutting, gardens continually grow in spring, summer and autumn, so if left unattended it will soon become unsightly and overgrown. Unwanted weeds plants and trees will soon take over and the lawn will become a weed fest full of moss and tall grass too.

To maintain an existing garden then a lot of regular work is involved in keeping your garden looking it’s best, and keeping the weeds and vegetation in check so the trees and shrubs get trimmed, grass gets cut and weeds are removed continually over the growing season.

Normally this process takes place every week, or every other week at peak growing times, and less so in colder winter months where often a lot of clients cease to use a gardener at all.

So for established gardens that are not actively being developed and just need to be kept looking their best with regular gardener maintenance to keep everything neat and tidy in the garden.

Typical range of garden maintenance services include. 

  • lawn mowing and grass cutting.
  • Trimming of lawn edges.
  • Weeding and weed control of beds and borders.
  • Strimming tall grass, weeds, brambles, nettles and thistles etc.
  • Occasional trimming of trees, shrubs and hedges.
  • Planting of annuals in beds borders such as bedding plants.
  • Cutting back dead plants for new growth.
  • Leaf blowing and clearing up garden debris 
  • general garden tidy up.

Please take note that all gardeners are not the same, and garden maintenance is often a loose term used for regularly just a basic mowing of the lawn, often without cutting the edges. others give a much better more comprehensive garden maintenance and include all or more than the general list above.

Who needs a gardening maintenance service?

  • Those who simply want to keep the grass mowed regularly and weeds down just for the growing season.
  • Those with existing beautiful gardens that want to keep it always looking great.
  • Those that want their garden looking its best at all times of the year.
  • People with little time to do any gardening for hem selves.
  • For the elderly, friends and family who love the garden to be neat and tidy.
  • For busy professionals who have little to no time for gardening.
  • for those who know nothing at all about gardening but like to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful garden.
  • For existing domestic gardeners who just need some help with the hard work and take advantage of professional tools and still like to do some gardening themselves.
  • People who for whatever reason cannot do any gardening at all right now, but previously liked gardening themselves.
  • For those with no gardening tools or space to store them and hire a professional gardener to take care of everything for them.
Nice and tidy green lawn in the sun with shaded tall trees lining the borders